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    With the rapid development of China, the construction industry in China has developed rapidly like rockets in recent years. China has become an international city, and people are aware of the cement in the building. However, people often overlook the representative role of cement in cement. Defoamer, today let Zilibon take you into the mysterious field of the building materials industry.

    Cement defoamer application

    The cement defoamer developed by Zilibon is developed using the latest patented technology and is a defoamer synthesized from polyether and other components. In the cement mortar system, the dispersibility is good and the defoaming is rapid, so as to effectively control the foam generation in the cement mortar system, so that the concrete members are more dense and bright. This product is non-toxic and odorless, which is conducive to production safety.

    It is suitable for defoaming under the condition of strong acid and alkali. When the pH value of the defoaming system is 14, many silicone defoamers have broken the emulsion and bleached the oil, losing the physical state of the defoaming agent, not only the defoaming force. Decreasing or disappearing will also leave unexpected drawbacks to the process behind the defoaming product. The series of defoamers can maintain a good physical state at this temperature, without breaking the milk, not bleaching oil, defoaming, but more foam breaking and antifoaming effect than normal temperature, rapid defoaming, anti-foaming lasting, non-toxic, tasteless It will not cause any pollution to the environment. When using this product, the amount of defoaming is small and the cost of use is low.

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