• Why Are The Defoamers For Oilfield Additives And Oilfield Additives Inseparable

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    Since the day of the oilfield, the natural anti-foaming agent for oilfield foam, the defoamer for oilfield additives, has also appeared, improved, matured and improved. We know that the foam in the crude oil is relatively stable, often too late to separate, or to reduce the separator production capacity in order to maintain the separation effect. At this time, it is very urgent to require the emergence of oilfield additive defoamer, and to stop the foaming raging step in time. Let's take a customer case to understand why the oilfield additives and oilfield additives defoamers are inseparable.

    Oilfield additive use scenario

    Customer details

    On the morning of July 6, 2018, Ms. Zilibon received a phone call from Mr. Liu, the person in charge of an oil field in Henan Province. Recently, the bubble situation in the oil field is not optimistic. The emergence of a large number of foams has reduced the oil production rate and oil output. The quality of oil products; when loading, loading and loading, the foaming affects the metering, which seriously affects the loading efficiency; to a large extent, the foam as a whole slows down the production and processing steps; Defoamer, but the problem has not been curbed, and the vicious circle has intensified. Occasionally, as a deep-rooted defoamer industry for many years, Zilibon has set up a special research institute to order suitable defoamers for customers free of charge, so I specially called Zilibon for help.

    Result feedback

    After understanding, we know that in the oilfield development and oil and gas transportation process of Mr. Liu, the crude oil surfactant caused a large amount of foam; during the process, strong impact and agitation were caused by a large amount of foam and failed to defoam in time. Plus, the liquid column pressure in the well is too high, resulting in more foam. Later, Miss Wang immediately exchanged and docked with the scientific research personnel, and in the afternoon, Mr. Liu sent a corresponding defoamer for the oilfield additives customized for the oilfield and detailed solutions. On July 26, Miss He received a phone call from Mr. Liu again. After their experiments, they found that Zilibon's oilfield additive defoamer has outstanding high temperature resistance and can solve the problem of excessive foaming of additives. The defoaming performance is strong, so after deciding to order 2000KG oilfield additive defoamer, follow-up will also follow up with Zilibon.

    Zilibon defoamer (alias: bubble enemies) - focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing, because of the focus on professionalism.

    Samples are available free of charge from Zilibon, and defoamers are shipped in strict accordance with industry standards. For questions about suds suppressors or related needs, please call our national service hotline: +86 13929201380.

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