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    In the process of oilfield aerated drilling, drilling fluid plays a very important role in this operation in order to protect the oil and gas layer and efficiently increase the drilling speed of the machine. Due to the high surface active component of the aerated drilling fluid, a large amount of foam will be generated under gas and mechanical agitation, resulting in a decrease in the density of the drilling fluid treatment agent, a deterioration in the lubricating performance, a decrease in the working efficiency of the cooling bit, and a deterioration in fluidity, which seriously affects The use efficiency of the mud pump brings certain difficulties to the circulation of the drilling fluid, which may cause a dangerous situation of the blowout. Inflatable drilling fluid defoamer is a defoamer designed for aerated drilling operations.

    Inflatable drilling schematic

    Reasons for foaming:

    1. Natural gas overflow in the formation leads to a large amount of foam generation

    2, the surface active component of drilling fluid is high and easy to produce foam

    3. The treatment agent is subjected to pyrolysis or fermentation to generate a large amount of foam.

    4. Crude oil itself is an easy foaming system, and the air entrained by the stirring produces foam.

    What is the danger of the foam:

    1. Drilling fluid density decreases, resulting in poor fluidity

    2, the lubrication performance is reduced, resulting in the efficiency of cooling the drill bit is also decreasing

    3. If the spilled foam is not handled in time, it will cause pollution to the surrounding environment.

    4. Seriously affected the working efficiency of the mud pump, resulting in an increase in labor costs and loss of energy.

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