• Glue Defoamer Solves Foaming Problem

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    The glue mainly refers to a colloidal solution formed by dissolving raw rubber or a rubber compound in a suitable solvent.

    On July 20th, Mr. Kong from Jilin City searched for the Jilin City glue defoamer to find Zilibon, and asked if there is any defoamer for the glue. What is the composition and how it works. Zilibon sales Mr. Zeng replied that our Zilibon defoamer is made with ether, aliphatic alcohol and various coagents. It has the characteristics of good defoaming, good foam suppression, good leveling, low dosage, no bleaching oil, no fisheye holes, and no influence on the nature of the product itself.

    Application field of glue defoamer

    I can send you samples of the defoamers used by the two customers. If these two are not available, you can send the product to the Zilibon Lab and we will help you test it. Mr. Kong from Jilin City agreed, and Mr. Zilibon gave the B-684/685 two kinds of glues to Mr. Kong with defoamer.

    On July 27th, Mr. Zilibon once again received a call from Mr. Kong from Jilin City. The feedback of the two glue defoamers was very good, and the B-685 had the best effect. Finally, Mr. Kong purchased 1 ton of B-685 gel defoamer at Zilibon.

    The above is the case of Jilin City's glue defoamer. Thanks to Mr. Kong's trust, we will do better. About defoamers If you have any questions or have related needs, you can consult the Zilibon defoamer at the consultation window on the right.

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