• Printing Ink Foaming - The Danger Of Silicone Defoamer

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    On May 22, Ms. Li of the Zilibon Sales Department received a call from Mr. Liu, a printing ink manufacturer in Hunan. According to Mr. Liu's reflection, he is now using silicone-based printing ink defoamer. In the process of use, not only the defoaming agent is not effective, the oil is demulsified, and even the product shrinks, shrinks, and fading. I would like to ask Miss Li if there is any way to help him solve this problem.

    Printing inks - the hazards behind silicone defoamers

    Printing inks - the hazards behind silicone defoamers

    After communicating with Mr. Liu, Ms. Li from the sales department was reflected to the laboratory engineer according to Mr. Liu’s situation. The laboratory has many years of R&D, production and application experience.

    General coatings, printing inks, etc. are not suitable for silicone defoamers. Because the main components of the silicone defoamer are not consistent with the paint and some of the main components in the printing ink, the defoaming agent will not work well during the use process, the oil is demulsified, and even the product shrinks and shrinks. Bad phenomenon such as hair flowering.

    Ms. Li from the sales department reflected the analysis of the laboratory Luogong to Mr. Liu of Hunan. Several polyether defoamers were recommended to give him free samples.

    On May 30, I received another call from Mr. Liu from Hunan. According to the sample test of these days, Mr. Liu reported that the sample of the polyether defoamer sent by the past was very good. It can be quickly defoamed during use. A small test, can maintain the performance of anti-foaming performance for a long time, thank you very much for helping me solve the problem of foam in printing ink, and also ordered 500 kg of polyether defoamer products with the sales department.

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