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    In the modern industrial production operation, it is often inevitable to produce some factors that are unfavorable to production. For example, a large amount of foam is accompanied in the papermaking process, and it is necessary to eliminate the work of these foams and eliminate the efficiency of the foam. Paper manufacturers also know how to use some papermaking defoamers to deal with this problem, but they may not know about defoamers. This kind of chemical additive with special functions is not universal and has strong pertinence. For example, in the papermaking process in the papermaking industry, it is necessary to use a special "foaming agent for papermaking papermaking" in order to eliminate the foam more efficiently and correctly without causing problems in the quality of the latter products.

    Papermaking process in operation

    Not only that, even in the same industry, the defoamers used in different processes can not be mixed with each other. For example, in the paper industry, defoamers used in the process of coating and papermaking are not used in washing and pulping because they have their own range of application and unique properties.

    The defoamer for papermaking and papermaking developed by Zilibon defoamer is a powerful defoamer specially designed for the papermaking process in the papermaking process. It also has a strong antifoaming effect on white water, which can quickly eliminate entrainment. The fine foam in the paper can ensure a good degree of mixing of the paper, so that the quality of the paper can be greatly improved.

    If you have more questions about the defoaming problem in the paper industry, please click on the consultation window in the upper right corner to consult or call the national free consultation hotline: +86 13929201380.

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