• Dampening Solution Defoamer Solves The Problem Of Foaming

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    On April 26th, Miss Wang from Zilibon received a phone call from Mr. Chen from Haizhuo Printing Materials Co., Ltd., saying that their company's dampening solution products were not able to achieve their original effects under the original manufacturer's defoaming agent. The effect, as well as the suspended matter, found us.

    After learning about the situation, Miss Wang asked Mr. Chen if he would send samples of their dampening solution. Zilibon has several antifoaming agents for dampening fluids that can be tested for them. Mr. Chen promised that after adding defoamer, it could not affect the transparency, and there could be no floating objects or suspended matter.

    Application of fountain solution in printing

    On April 29th, the sample was received by Zilibon Laboratories. From the appearance, it is a colorless transparent liquid with a light scent. Our laboratory staff took out five defoamer tests for dampening fluids. Among them, two fountain solution defoamers with excellent experimental results were selected.

    After receiving the results of the experiment, Ms. Wang contacted Mr. Chen to explain the situation. Mr. Chen heard the results and immediately purchased hundreds of kilograms of special antifoaming agent for dampening solution from Zilibon for the next production test.

    Zilibon dampening liquid defoamer can reduce the surface tension of the foam and cause the foam to burst; it can destroy the elasticity of the film and cause the bubble to burst; JP-A can promote the liquid film to drain, thus causing the bubble to burst.

    Zilibon Fine Chemicals is engaged in the research and development of defoamers for 16 years, and one-on-one answers to professional problems to solve your foam troubles. If you need antifoam, please click on the consultation window in the upper right corner to consult or call the national free consultation hotline.

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