• Defoamer For Metal Cleaning Makes Your Machinery Look New

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    Defoamer for metal cleaning is a defoamer widely used in the metal cleaning industry in recent years (alias: defoamer), which can assist diesel, kerosene and gasoline to clean the parts and remove foam. And the price is cheap, safe and non-toxic, it is very suitable for mechanized cleaning operations. In the maintenance and repair of metal processing and mechanical equipment, automobiles, etc., most of the parts are cleaned with diesel, kerosene or gasoline as cleaning liquid. This not only wastes energy, but also has potential insecurities. During the cleaning process, there are many bubbles that cannot be extinguished, which has a huge impact on the cleaning environment.

    Application of special antifoaming agent for metal cleaning in metal cleaning industry

    Defoamer for metal cleaning, developed for metal surface treatment agents and their applications. It has the advantage of eliminating the intractable foam produced by various surfactants, and it can stably defoam under strong alkali and high temperature. The anti-foaming performance is another feature of the defoaming agent for metal cleaning, so it can adapt to the process requirements of various cleaning machines such as ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic line cleaning machine, large-scale textile industry washing machine, etc., and will not produce cleaning objects. Defects such as oil spots, stains and rust. It is suitable for defoaming and foam suppression for each cleaning line.

    Metal cleaning defoamer is suitable for: steel plate cleaning agent, general strong acid and alkali, high pressure cleaning, degreaser, degreasing powder, alkaline aluminum degreasing powder, ordinary coating cleaning, degreasing powder, electroplating, stainless steel cleaning, high pressure Spray cleaning, spray grease cleaning, industrial water treatment, chemical cleaning, etc.

    This is a special defoamer for metal cleaning, which will help you with a brand new mechanical equipment. Are you still worried about the bubble problem in the metal cleaning industry? Zilibon Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that cooperates with Tsinghua to develop and produce defoamers. If you have more questions or need to click on the consultation window in the upper right corner for more detailed consultation or call the national free consultation hotline:

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