• Polyether Modified Silicon Defoamer Applied To High Temperature Dyeing Process Of Polyester Fabric

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    Zilibon polyether modified silicon defoamer has good heat resistance, shear resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and has the advantages of non-toxic, tasteless, stable storage and convenient use. It is widely used in various occasions for defoaming. It can also be used for defoaming under many harsh conditions, such as high temperature dyeing process of textiles, defoaming in fermentation process, defoaming in various oils, cutting fluids, antifreeze liquids, water-based inks, etc. It is also suitable for printing. After the industry photosensitive resin plate making, the defoaming of the unassimilated resin is washed away, which is a polyether modified silicon defoaming agent which is representative, excellent in performance and widely used.

    Application of polyether modified silicon defoamer in high temperature dyeing process of polyester fabric

    Polyether modified silicon defoamer In the high temperature dyeing process of polyester fabric, due to the use of high temperature and high pressure machinery, the dyed material in this machine is moved by the spraying of the dyeing liquid and dyed at the same time. Although the foam produced can be defoamed by a common silicone antifoaming agent, under high temperature and high pressure, a general polyether modified silicon antifoaming agent will produce a film-like precipitate to cause spots on the dyed object. These disadvantages can be overcome by using Zilibon polyether modified silicon because the Zilibon defoamer component is soluble in cold water and also soluble in hot water, so it can act as a defoaming agent.

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