• Metal Cleaning Defoamer Solves Foam Problems

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    What can be applied to the metal cleaning defoamer? In the process of manufacturing metal parts, the surface will be contaminated with some oil, which is caused by various kinds of cooling cutting fluid, lubricating oil and various anti-rust greases used in the machining process.

    Application of metal cleaning defoamer in metal cleaning

    The presence of these oils can affect the quality of the subsequent surface treatment process and also reduce the adhesion of the coating to the substrate. Therefore, the first process should be placed in the entire coating process, and at this time the metal cleaning defoamer will play a big role in eliminating the foam generated during cleaning.

    When selecting a cleaning agent and a metal cleaning defoamer, it is first necessary to understand the type and nature of the oil to be coated. "There is a suitable cleaning agent and defoaming method. If improperly selected, it will directly affect the cleaning effect. .

    The oil stains of general metal parts include: anti-rust grease, anti-rust cutting fluid, lubricant and polishing paste.

    1. Anti-rust grease

    It is used for rust prevention of finished parts and rust prevention between processes. Its composition generally includes base oil, various corrosion inhibitors and various additives (antioxidants, defoamers, anti-wear additives, cosolvents).

    1. Anti-rust cutting fluid

    When the metal is machined, the strong friction between the tool and the metal generates a large amount of heat. If the heat cannot be dissipated in time, the tool and the box material will heat up rapidly, and the excessive temperature will make the metal material. Softening, deformation and even affecting tool life and processing quality. Therefore, various machining fluids are used in large quantities during machining.

    1. Polishing paste, abrasive

    This kind of material is usually used for finishing the surface of metal products to improve the surface finish, which is a necessary means to improve the decorative effect. Polishing pastes and abrasives are mainly composed of extremely fine hard abrasives and binders. The abrasives are generally calcium oxide, aluminum oxide and chromium oxide. The binders are mostly stearic acid and wax, and are solid at room temperature.

    Metal cleaning defoamer can reduce the difficulty in metal cleaning and help the cleaning agent to quickly remove oil. Zilibon is a manufacturer of metal cleaning defoamers. Through the above introduction, we believe that we have a certain understanding of metal cleaning defoamers. If you have any questions, you can click on the consultation box on the right to ask, or call the 400 hotline: +86 13929201380.

    This article is from the manufacturer of Zilibon defoamer (, please indicate the source if you need to reprint.

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