• Industrial Metal Cleaning Agent Success Case

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    Nanjing Kerun Industry sent a metal cleaning agent a week ago. The requirement is that it does not affect the appearance of the cleaning agent. The defoaming agent cannot be agglomerated or bleached in the cleaning agent. The defoaming ability is maintained for more than two weeks. The ratio of cleaning agent to water is 3:97, and Zilibon has prepared three defoamers according to this requirement.

    Application of metal cleaning defoamer in cleaning agent

    Application of metal cleaning defoamer in cleaning agent

    After testing, these three defoamers b-67 meet the requirements of Nanjing Kerun Industry. After adding, it will not affect the appearance of the metal cleaning agent. There is no bleaching oil, and the defoaming time of a small bottle is 5 seconds. According to the previous test, the defoaming can be continued for more than 2 weeks. The ratio is calculated according to the dilution result. The general filling amount is 0.1%, which is the number referenced without dilution.

    After the test was successful, we sent the product to Nanjing Kerun Industry. Five days later, the results of the feedback from Nanjing Kerun Industrial were very good, and the procurement has begun to calculate the amount of purchase required this time.

    Zilibon is a 16-year defoamer manufacturer. Three of them are led by Dr. Haigui. The raw materials are imported. There are 8,000 manufacturers in China who use our defoamer. If you happen to need a metal cleaning defoaming Agent, you can click on the consultation box in the upper right corner to consult.

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