• Epoxy Floor Paint Blistering Effect And Defoamer Solution

    By : Zilibon
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    On June 1st, Ms. Wang from the sales department of Zilibon received a call from Chen Gong, an epoxy floor paint manufacturer in Hangzhou.

    Chen Gong found us on the Internet Baidu search Hangzhou defoamer. According to Chen Gong's feedback, Chen Gong needs a fast defoaming, long-lasting anti-foaming performance of epoxy floor paint defoamer, can not affect Epoxy floor paint has the original color, beautiful appearance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, dustproof and so on.

    Epoxy floor paint defoamer applied in epoxy floor paint

    Epoxy floor paint defoamer applied in epoxy floor paint

    Chen Gong also feedback the impact of foam on epoxy floor paint products:

    Because the epoxy floor paint contains a certain viscosity, it also contains a variety of surfactants. After stirring, transportation, and even during the construction process, the foam is difficult to eliminate, and the foam does not disappear for a long time, resulting in many rings. During the process of using the oxygen floor paint, there are pinholes, shrinkage holes, unevenness, etc., which directly affect the appearance of the epoxy floor paint, and are resistant to abrasion, corrosion, dust, and the like.

    After some communication, in the afternoon of the same day, Ms. Wang from the sales department recommended several epoxy floor paint defoamers with good feedback effect from customers based on the customer case of Hangzhou defoamer in the past. To Hangzhou Chengong.

    On June 8th, Ms. Wang from the sales department once again received a call from Chen Gong. Thanks to the free samples provided by us, the foam problem of the epoxy floor paint was completely solved, and the foam suppression performance test was completed for 70 hours. It can still maintain the performance of the foaming agent for a long time, no longer cause foaming problems during transportation and construction, affecting the quality of the product, and does not affect the original color, appearance and gloss of the epoxy floor paint. It is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, dust and so on.

    Finally, Chen Gong also sent a fax contract to the sales department, Miss Wang, as a long-term cooperation, and to ensure that the monthly need for 500 kg of epoxy floor paint defoamer for long-term use.

    This article is from the manufacturer of Zilibon defoamer ( Please indicate the source if you need to reprint.

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