• Why Use A Conductive Liquid Defoamer?

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    The conductive liquid is an industrial product with a high silver content, and many high-tech fields use a conductive liquid, in which a conductive liquid is an important material. However, in the process of production, the material of the conductive liquid will be caused by the chemical reaction of some chemicals in it, which will cause foam. If the conductive liquid foams, it will slow down the progress of production and increase the cost. The problem of foaming of the conductive liquid, this time it is necessary to use a chemical method - conductive liquid defoamer to deal with this problem.

    Conductive fluid application scenario

    Conductive fluid application scenario

    Reasons for the bubbling of the conductive liquid:

    1. The control of moisture in the production process is not controlled well, resulting in foaming.

    2. The substance inside the conductive liquid reacts chemically, causing foaming

    3, the liquid is unstable, decomposition occurs, gas is generated, resulting in foaming

    Hazard of bubbling of conductive liquid:

    1. Slow down the progress of production and increase the cost

    2, affect the quality of the product, the conductivity is not good

    3. Pollution to the surrounding environment

    The conductive liquid defoaming agent is a defoaming agent which is prepared by compounding a modified silicon polyether with a modified siloxane and using a special process. The characteristics are: high temperature resistant electrolyte, alkali and acid resistance, fast defoaming speed, long foam suppression time, high efficiency, no corrosion, no impact on the original performance of the product. Conductive liquid defoamer is mainly used in battery industry defoaming, such as: conductive liquid, battery liquid, lithium battery, battery repair liquid, battery activator, battery compatibilizer, battery liquid, electrolyte, battery replenisher, battery stock, Electrolytic polishing liquid, conductive agent, conductive paste, battery slurry, graphene slurry, conductive powder, antistatic liquid, etc., can also be used in metalworking fluid industry, oil field industry and other defoaming needs.

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