• What Is The Effect Of Fracturing Fluid Defoamer On Fracturing Fluids?

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    The fracturing fluid defoamer is an antifoaming agent developed by the engineer for the fracturing fluid. How does the fracturing fluid defoaming agent defoam? Let us look at the following answers together.

    Application of fracturing fluid defoamer fracturing fluid

    Application of fracturing fluid defoamer fracturing fluid

    Fracturing fluid is a liquid used in the mining process where engineers want to obtain higher yields and therefore use the fluid's conductivity (such as hydraulics) to fracturing.

    Fracturing fluids can be divided into two types:

    1. Water-based fracturing fluids using water as a dispersion medium include thickened water and water-wet gelatinous oil-in-water emulsions, water-based foams and certain acidic solutions.

    2. The oil-based fracturing fluid using mineral oil as the dispersion medium has thickened oil, water-in-oil emulsion and oil-based foam.

    The fracturing process is that the oil layer hydraulic power adopts a high-pressure and large-displacement pump on the ground, mainly for liquid pressure transfer, and the fracturing fluid with strong viscosity is injected into the oil layer with a pressure proportional to the absorption capacity of the oil layer. In order to increase the pressure in the wellbore, the bottom of the well is lifted to a high pressure. If the pressure is higher than the ground stress near the wellbore and the tensile strength of the formation rock, a crack will be formed in the formation near the bottom of the well.

    Continue to inject the sand carrying fluid with proppant. The crack extends forward and is filled with proppant. After the well is closed, the crack is closed on the proppant, thus forming a filling with certain geometrical dimensions and high conductivity in the formation near the bottom of the well. Sand cracks are the purpose of the well to increase production and increase injection.

    When the fracturing fluid is transported or agitated, bubbles will be generated, and the defoaming agent can help defoaming. It can act as a foam suppressant before the fracturing fluid can be used, which can make the fracturing fluid smoother during use. .

    If you have fracturing fluid that needs to be defoamed and is still in the shop, you can call Zilibon's free sample hotline: 4000-330-863, and the engineer will solve it one-on-one with you.

    The defoamer for wax produced by Zilibon is made of polyether or the like and should be pre-diluted for ease of use. The dosage of 0.1-0.3%. is an introduction to the defoamer for wax. If you have any questions, you can click on the online consultation or call +86 13929201380.

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