• Glue Powder Foaming Defoamer Success Case

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    Dingfeng Building Materials Factory is a company specializing in health materials. The main reason is that the glue powder has been foamed. They used defoamers before, but the effect is not particularly good. So we found us through the network search glue powder defoamer. I hope to achieve the desired goals.

    Application of defoamer in glue powder

    Application of defoamer in glue powder

    After adding the defoaming agent, the glue powder can not be layered, can not affect the transparency of the glue, can not cause side effects on the glue, can not have odor, the most important thing is to eliminate the foam, which is the requirement of the defoamer in Taizhou Dingfeng Building Materials Factory.

    Glue powder is composed of a variety of additives, some of which contain a certain amount of surfactant, so when there is a certain temperature or when stirring, a certain bubble will be generated, and the powder is foamed, Zilibon has 17 years of application experience, there have been many cases, have been satisfactorily resolved, so the engineer prepared B-346/B-3347 defoamer, both of which are well received by customers.

    Undoubtedly, they called after a week, and the glue powder foam has been solved. This is something that was expected. After that, Taizhou Dingfeng Building Materials ordered us 200kg of defoamer, so it is very Thanks to Taizhou Dingfeng Building Materials Factory for their recognition, and also for the recognition of our customers. If you are looking for glue powder defoamer, please click on the inquiry box in the upper right corner and consult.

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