• Impact Of Landfill Leachate Foam And Leachate Defoamer Solution

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    On June 2nd, Ms. Li, the sales department of Zilibon, received a call from a landfill in Dongguan.

    According to the feedback from Zhougong Telephone, he is doing landfill leachate. He needs a landfill leachate defoamer, which can quickly eliminate the foam and maintain the antifoaming performance for a long time. Small, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-polluting, it will not cause harm to human health. It has a good degree of integration with most systems, and it can degrade into a harmless component in the water treatment system to solve his foam problem.

    Application of landfill leachate defoamer in landfill leachate

    Application of landfill leachate defoamer in landfill leachate

    The feedback from the Zhougong phone also has some impact on the production process:

    Because the garbage contains a variety of harmful inorganic and organic substances during the stacking and landfilling process, a large amount of foam will be produced. The concentration of the sewage is much higher than that of the ordinary sewage and wastewater. Therefore, it cannot be directly processed without strict treatment. Discharged into the urban water treatment channel, a large number of bubbles are not conducive to membrane filtration treatment and harmful gas emissions, but also cause the accumulation of suspended solids, resulting in the inability to pass strict indicators, can not be discharged into the urban sewage treatment pipeline. So I was looking for a solution to the impact of the bubble.

    After the communication, Miss Li of the sales department sent samples of the landfill leachate defoaming agent that was often used in landfill leachate for free, and gave it to the weekly labor trial.

    On June 6th, Ms. Li of the sales department once again received a call from the landfill. Zhou Gong said that several kinds of landfill leachate defoamers were very good, completely eliminating his bubble problem and also selected One kilogram of landfill leachate is added to the defoaming agent for more than 38 hours of foam suppression performance test, and it can quickly suppress the bubble by shaking. Finally, Zhougong ordered 2 tons of landfill leachate defoamer from the sales department, and the fax contract required us to supply them 2 tons of defoamer on time every month.

    This article is from the manufacturer of Zilibon defoamer (, please indicate the source if you need to reprint.

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