• How Does Industrial Cleaning Agent Defoamer Solve The Problem Of Foaming?

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    Today, a Tianjin customer sent a bucket of their products, industrial cleaning agents, customers demand that the addition of Zilibon defoamer can not affect the transparency, can not have particles, defoaming effect is good, the foam can not have viscosity when cleaning. Let's take a look at how the Zilibon defoamer solves the foam problem of industrial cleaners.

    Zilibon's engineers test according to the sample, the residue of the industrial cleaning agent in the cleaning container, the use of surfactants or cleaning is impurities, which will cause foam. Foam can affect the speed of production, and can also lead to defective products or quality problems.

    Industrial cleaning agent defoamer application field

    Industrial cleaning agent defoamer application field

    B-420 industrial cleaning agent defoamer is a colorless and transparent defoamer specially designed for industrial cleaning agents. It has good defoaming effect, acid and alkali resistance, no floating, no bleaching, and can be fully achieved. Tianjin customer requirements.

    Zilibon cleaning agent defoamer is made up of special process of silicon polyether. It is easily decomposed in water. It is suitable for defoaming and foam suppression under high temperature, strong acid and alkali, high shear force and high pressure. For defoamer problems, look for Zilibon, a professional detergent defoamer manufacturer that can solve any defoamer problem for you. If you need to consult, please click on the consultation box in the upper right corner or call +86 13929201380, by Zilibon Engineer Answer it for you.

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