• Gypsum Defoamer Helps You Solve Foam Problems

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    In today's society, gypsum products are visible, industrially, and gypsum is widely used in construction products, such as gypsum board, fiber gypsum board and decorative gypsum board, most of which are made of gypsum cement material. Many gypsum products industry needs to add water reducing agent in the production of products, but foam will appear after adding, which seriously affects the quality of gypsum products. Just add a little gypsum defoamer to it and you can solve this problem. Zilibon will introduce this gypsum defoamer.

    The gypsum defoamer developed by Zilibon is specially designed for gypsum defoamer. The main components are modified polyether, lipidated and high carbon alcohols. It is the defoamer for the latest generation of water reducing agent in the market. It has good high temperature resistance and wide acid and alkali resistance. It is especially suitable for defoaming and foam suppression under alkaline conditions, excellent high temperature resistance and shearing ability.

    Gypsum product defoamer application

    Gypsum product defoamer application

    At present, this gypsum defoamer is the first product at home and abroad, which overcomes the common phenomenon that ordinary silicone defoaming agent is prone to bleaching, demulsification and floating under high temperature alkaline conditions. It is especially suitable for defoaming and foam suppression under alkaline conditions, high temperature resistance and strong alkali resistance, and has strong stability. Zilibon Factory professional one-on-one problem solving, product quality commitment, we will be responsible for you, if you have more questions, please call the toll-free hotline: +86 13929201380.

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