• The Best Way To Eliminate Foam From Printing Inks

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    Ink is the main coloring agent for modern printing. The main component of the ink is produced from pigments, binders, fillers and filler desiccants. When using ink, it is not good because of machine shake and agitation or ink stability, and often foams. The presence of these large and small foams has led to various flaws in the printed product. In order to improve the quality of the product, it is necessary to add a printing ink defoamer.

    Printing ink defoamer in printing ink

    Printing ink defoamer in printing ink

    In addition to the defoaming method of printing ink defoamer, many manufacturers know that bubbles in the ink can be removed by decompression (vacuum), standing, warming and pressurizing, etc., but using these methods. At the time, it takes a long wait, causing a decrease in production efficiency, energy and cost. It takes a short time to eliminate the foam, and adding an antifoaming agent is the most suitable method.

    Zilibon printing ink defoamer has good self-emulsifying compatibility in water, does not affect the appearance of the product, and is resistant to high temperature and long-lasting defoaming. According to the application suggestions based on customer practice, if you encounter foam problems or defoamer requirements in the production process, please click the consultation window on the right to consult, or call the national free consultation hotline: +86 13929201380.

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