• Zilibon Fermentation Defoamer Reminds You Of The Three Major Hazards Of Foam In Fermentation

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    It is a normal phenomenon to produce foam during microbial fermentation. The production of foam is beneficial to the transmission of oxygen, but a large number of persistent foams have a bad effect on the fermentation process. At this time, the only way to solve the foam is to add fermentation to defoaming agent.


    Production of foam in the fermenter

    Zilibon Fermentation Defoamer reminds you that the following three major hazards are caused by the increase in foam under a large aeration and strong agitation.

    1 During the fermentation process, in order to accommodate more agitated foam, the overflow of the liquid tank is prevented, and the loading capacity of the fermenter is reduced, resulting in a decrease in production efficiency.

    2 If the loading capacity of the fermenter is not reduced, there is not enough space to accommodate the foam, causing the bubble to overflow, causing the loss of raw materials, resulting in waste and an increase in cost.

    3 Long-lasting foam, with the microbe's breathing filled with carbon dioxide, can not be exchanged with oxygen in the air, causing serious damage to the bacteria's breathing.

    Above the foam problem based on customer practice, if you encounter foam problems or defoamers (alias: foam breaker) in fermentation production, please click on the consultation window on the right to consult, or call the hotline: +86 13929201380.

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