• Principle And Dosage Of Silicone Aqueous Defoamer

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    The main function of the silicone aqueous defoamer is to defoam and eliminate the foam caused by agitation or high temperature. The main component is silicone oil silicone component, its solubility is relatively small compared to non-silicone defoamer, but it has high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance.

    Application of silicone defoamer in steel plate

    Application of silicone defoamer in steel plate

    When the substance agitates the liquid and the gas is introduced, foam are generated on the surface of the liquid, and some of the generated foam will disappear quickly, but some foam will not, and the more they will accumulate, the more the foam will be opened. It is a dispersion in which large foam are dispersed in a liquid, and the dispersion is a gas. When combined with a liquid, the volume fraction of the liquid is small, and the volume of the foam is relatively large. The gas may be separated by a continuous liquid film, forming foam of different sizes, so that it accumulates into a foam.

    Zilibon silicone water-based antifoaming agent is made up of silicone oil as the main part, and then formulated with appropriate amount of solvent, emulsifier and inorganic filler. It has strong defoaming power, and the most difficult thing is that it has a combination of chemical stability, physiological inertness and high and low temperature properties, so it is widely used.

    Silicone water-based defoamer is used as a defoaming agent. After the foam is produced, an antifoaming agent is added to the material. Depending on the material and capacity, the defoaming agent can be added in an amount of 10 to 1000 ppm. The optimum amount is added by the customer. The test is decided according to the specific circumstances. If you have more questions, you can call +86 13929201380, Haigui Defoamer Engineer will solve your one-on-one solution.

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