• What are the effects of Epoxy Defoamer on Epoxy Foaming?

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    Epoxy can be made into products such as some highly transparent glass crystals that can be used for object sealing or casting and decoration. Crystal Epoxy is made up of epoxy resin and curing agent (A and B materials). It will produce a lot of foam during storage, transportation and use. At this time, the defoaming agent for epoxy can help a lot.

    Application of Epoxy Defoamer in Epoxy

    Application of Epoxy Defoamer in Epoxy

    Epoxy defoamer principle:

    Epoxy defoamer is mainly developed for Epoxy. It is mainly designed according to the material made by Epoxy and its foaming at work. The purpose is to make Epoxy play in transportation or agitation. Defoaming, antifoaming effect.

    The main raw materials of Epoxy Defoamer are fat, mineral, ether, mineral essential oil, etc., and after repeated trials and tests by engineers, they can be refined and defoamed under high temperature and strong alkali conditions, and the foam suppression is long, the dosage is small, no Affecting the basic properties of the foaming system is the best choice for defoaming.

    The above is an introduction to Epoxy Defoamer. I hope that it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions about it, or if you have the need for Epoxy Defoamer, please call 4000-330-863. The engineer will answer you one by one.

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