• Pulp Defoamer Helps You Solve The Problem Of Foaming In Pulping

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    It is well known that pulping is the process of separating pulp from plant fiber raw materials to obtain pulp. During this process, the pulp produces a large amount of foam which affects the quality and appearance of the paper. Zilibon has therefore developed a pulping defoamer that effectively eliminates the foam inside the pulp without affecting the quality appearance of the pulp itself.

    Application of pulping and defoaming agent in papermaking

    Application of pulping and defoaming agent in papermaking

    Why is Zilibon's pulp defoamer effective defoaming? I will tell you below.

    Because the pulp is mostly made of the resin of the fiber raw material itself, and then the waste paper pulp is made, but the stickies in the waste paper are generally more, so a large amount of foam is generated. However, Zilibon pulp defoamer is a new pulp defoamer compounded with special silicone polyether in combination with high-efficiency additives.

    Here is a description of this powerful defoamer. Zilibon's pulp defoamer can be used not only in pulp but also in bamboo pulp, sugar cane pulp, neutral pulping and pulp rinsing, screening, bleaching, water treatment, pulp. Industrial black liquor washing line control foam. Wow, look at the function of the pulp defoamer and the range of applications is so strong.

    Afraid that everyone will not use strong pulp defoamer.

    The pulp defoamer can be directly dropped into the slurry by a drop pump. It is recommended to add 0.08~0.5kg defoamer per ton of pulp. The final expectation is to add 0.05~0.3kg defoamer per ton of pulp. Remind that a little diluted defoamer should be used as soon as possible, generally not suitable for storage for more than 12 hours. The amount of addition is determined according to specific production conditions.

    If you want to know more about the pulp defoamer, Zilibon has a professional engineer to answer all the defoamer problems, one-on-one answers to professional problems, and solve the foam troubles for you. If you have a need for defoamer, please call the Zilibon National Free Advice Hotline: +86 13929201380..

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