• How Much Is The Amount Of Detergent Defoamer?

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    Dishwashing detergent is a daily cleaning product. It is mainly used for washing clothes. It is very soft to the touch. The main function is to break down greasy and quickly remove the dirt on the clothes. Some detergents will give off the elegant fruit. The scent looks the same as the new one. So what is the effect of detergent defoamer on detergent?

    Detergent defoamer for detergent

    Detergent defoamer for detergent

    The main raw materials of the detergent are sodium alkyl sulfonate and sodium fatty alcohol ether sulfate, foaming agents and solubilizers, essences, water, pigments and preservatives. However, in the production and production, a large amount of foam is generated due to agitation, so a detergent defoaming agent is required at this time.

    Detergent defoamer is a kind of detergent liquid defoamer. It is made by testing a variety of silicone auxiliaries. It is easy to disperse in water-based system. It is convenient to use and defoaming speed. It is also very fast, the proportion of anti-foaming time is longer than other defoamers in the market, and the liquid can be quickly compatible.

    The defoamer defoamer can be used in an amount of 0.1 to 0.3% to achieve the desired effect. But the final amount needs to be verified based on actual experiments. If you have any questions about the above discussion, please call +86 13929201380 and the engineer will answer you one-on-one.

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