• No Longer Worry About Pesticide Foaming With Zilibon Pesticide Defoamer

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    Pesticides are usually made from a variety of surfactant liquids. In general, pesticides are easily processed, transported and used in harsh environments such as grinding, agitation, high-speed shearing, shaking and impact. Produces a foam. Foam has always been a thorny issue, and most occasions do not want pesticides to foam, which is not good for them, so the Zilibon pesticide defoamer recommends the following countermeasures to solve the foam problem.

    In the process of producing pesticides, high-speed shearing, grinding, shaking, stirring, etc., must be carried in a large amount of air, and excessive heat is generated, and if the surfactant is not properly selected or If you use too much, it will produce foam.

    Zilibon pesticide defoamer

    Zilibon pesticide defoamer

    Zilibon pesticide defoamer is a special product of silicon polyether with a variety of active additives. It is highly dispersible and self-emulsifiable in aqueous systems. Easy to use, whether you are in the process of pesticide processing, transportation and use, you can achieve long-lasting defoaming performance. If you have a defoamer or have a foam problem, please click on the consultation window on the right to consult, or call the national toll-free hotline: +86 13929201380.

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