• What Are The Silicone Defoamer Ingredients?

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    Silicone defoamer is a professional antifoaming additive. Its appearance mainly comes from the generation of foam, and the generation of foam may cause retention and product quality problems in the production process, while silicone defoamer Can solve such problems.

    Application of silicone defoamer in coatings

    Application of silicone defoamer in coatings

    So which industry can silicone defoamer be applied to?

    Silicone defoamers can be used in many fields, such as erythromycin, lincomycin and other defoamers in the fermentation industry. There are also some industries, such as textiles, coatings, dyes, paper, printing and dyeing, inks, sewage treatment and oil fields. When the antifoaming agent is used in printing and dyeing, it has a good compatibility with the additive in the dyeing bath, and does not affect the color light and the color fastness.

    1. It is very widely used: because silicone oil has a special chemical structure, it cannot be compatible with water and a substance containing a polar group, and cannot be compatible with hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon-containing organic substances. However, due to the incompatibility of silicone oil to various substances, it has a wide application range and can be used for defoaming in water systems and in oil systems.

    2. The surface tension is small: the surface oil capacity of the silicone oil is 20 to 21 dynes/cm, which is smaller than that of water (72 dynes/cm) and some other foams, so the defoaming efficiency is good.

    3. Good thermal stability: Dimethyl silicone oil is an example, which can withstand 150 ° C for a long time, 300 ° C or more for a short time, and does not decompose the Si-O bond. The silicone defoamer can be used at a wide temperature.

    How is the silicone defoamer composed of several different functional chemical materials, the main component silicone, combined with antifoaming agent, auxiliary antifoaming agent, carrier, emulsifier or developing agent, stabilizer or coordination The agent is synthesized.

    How is the silicone defoamer composed? I believe that you have some understanding of the above introduction. If you still have any questions, please click the inquiry box in the upper right corner to consult or call +86 13929201380 for online consultation.

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