• Four Factors And Solutions For Textile Printing And Dyeing

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    In the production process of textile printing and dyeing enterprises, various additives are used, and various problems are encountered. Among the making of pulp, textile pre-treatment, dyeing and printing, the problem of foam is one of them. The foam affects the quality of the product production process and finished products. How can textile printing and dyeing enterprises solve it? Below textile printing and dyeing defoamer, Zilibon Will be announced for you one by one.

    Application of textile printing and dyeing defoaming agent in textile printing and dyeing industry

    Application of textile printing and dyeing defoaming agent in textile printing and dyeing industry

    Four major factors in the production of textile printing and dyeing foam

    1. When the slurry sizing process and the high-speed movement of the yarn cause foaming, white spots, spots, or uneven color of the fabric pattern may occur if not treated in time.

    2. In the pre-treatment process, when the desizing agent is used in the desizing of the product, and the bleaching and washing agent is used as the bleaching agent and the detergent, in order to penetrate the fabric better and more uniformly, the high-temperature scouring is used to cause the foam to be generated.

    3. During the medium temperature dyeing and high temperature dyeing process, the mechanical operation vibration caused foam generation and affected the quality of the finished product.

    4. The pulping process and the coloring paste produce foam during the process of stirring in the printing process. If not treated in time, white spots, spots, or the color of the fabric pattern and the uneven color of the flower color may be generated. Combining the above problems with textile printing and dyeing, Zilibon recommends that you use Zilibon textile printing and defoaming agents, and you don't have to worry about the appearance of foam.

    Analysis of Zilibon textile printing and dyeing defoamer

    • Zilibon textile printing and dyeing defoamer has high temperature resistance, strong alkali resistance and strong foam breaking and foam suppression ability. After being added to the working solution, it becomes a solution, an emulsion or a dispersion, and is adsorbed on the surface of the bubble film. Since it has a lower surface tension than the foam film, the surfactant or the foaming material can be drawn and pulled, so that the surface viscosity of the foam liquid film is lowered, locally thinned and broken. I have used the Zilibon textile printing and defoamer to know that you are still worried about the emergence of foam?

    Zilibon Fine Chemicals - engaged in R&D and production of defoamers for 16 years. It is the only manufacturer in Guangdong that cooperates with Tsinghua University to develop defoamers. Professional problem engineers provide one-on-one counseling solutions to solve your foam troubles. If you need defoamer, please click the consultation window in the right corner to consult, or call the national free consultation hotline: +86 13929201380.

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