• Degreaser Defoaming Application And Dosage

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    Degreaser is not unfamiliar to everyone. As long as it is done in the metal metal industry, degreaser is an additive that sprays during metal cutting, so it plays a very important role in metal cutting. However, the degreaser is easy to foam, and a large amount of foam is generated when the metal is sprayed, which makes the post-processing inconvenient.

    Degreaser defoaming agent in metal cutting fluid

    Degreaser defoaming agent in metal cutting fluid

    In fact, it is not difficult to solve the degreaser foam. To solve the foam fundamentally, it is necessary to use targeted products. Defoamer is a good antifoaming agent for foam problems. The degreaser produces foam because of the degreaser itself. It is composed of many surfactants. After adding the cutting fluid, it will produce different sizes of foam after being stirred and sprayed.

    Zilibon degreaser defoamer solves the difficulties of many metal cutting manufacturers. It is believed that the degreasing agent will be able to solve the foam soon after adding the degreasing agent. The degreasing and defoaming agent is composed of special modified polyether and The fluorine-containing raw materials are compounded by a special process, and have excellent defoaming and antifoaming properties, and have no side effects on the metal itself, and have no residue.

    Then the problem of foam is solved. In terms of dosage, everyone is more concerned. Degreasing defoamer is originally a consumable. It is used very quickly. The amount of consumption will increase the cost of purchase. Zilibon goes through the defoamer. The special treatment is less than the amount of defoamer on the market. The amount of metalworking fluid defoamer added is 0.05%~0.3% of the total volume, but the most economical dosage should be determined after the process test; Mix well with other powder additives.

    Zilibon defoamer has 16 years of application experience, degreaser defoamer in the market, our defoamer has also been recognized and supported by many buyers, Zilibon has an independent laboratory for the development of new defoamers And the construction. There is also a free sample delivery service. If you want to know more defoamer products, you can call the hotline: +86 13929201380..

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