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    Topcoat is a kind of latex paint which is very common in the construction industry. The topcoat is the last “gatekeeper” in the whole paint system. It can reflect the gloss, feel and scratch resistance of the entire paint surface. Therefore, the quality of the topcoat directly determines the quality of the entire film. However, because of the blistering problem of the topcoat, it is difficult to carry out the renovation work. At this time, you should use a topcoat defoamer to solve the problem.

    Application of topcoat defoamer in wood lacquer

    The article is mainly divided into three main questions. Question 1: Why does the topcoat blister? Question 2: What is the hazard of the topcoat blistering? Finally, how is the defoaming effect of the topcoat defoamer; with three questions, We will talk to you one by one.

    Then we start from the first: "The topcoat is made of resin, solvent, additives and little or no filler" and the water-based paint is a system that is easy to foam, in the process of mixing and other additives. It tends to foam vigorously.

    Question 2: What are the hazards of topcoat blistering? The answer is: topcoat foam can cause surface defects, such as trapping on the coating film, that is, the bubble will be broken when the paint is dry and filmed, so that the coating film appears small. The hole is called a fisheye. The serious impact of the foam on the progress of the construction cannot solve the customer's problems as soon as possible.

    Finally, we used a topcoat defoamer to solve the problem of topcoat blistering. When the defoaming agent was added, the foaming was also broken instantly, and the topcoat had many characteristics: it has excellent defoaming and antifoaming ability. It has the advantages of low dosage, good water solubility and no oil spots; it will not affect the film formation and will not cause problems such as shrinkage holes and fish eyes.

    Zilibon has focused on the problem of topcoat blistering. A topcoat defoamer can perfectly solve the problem of topcoat foam. Zilibon defoamer has 16 years of application experience, whether it is ordinary foam or oily stubborn foam. Can be solved, we also have our own laboratory, and the elite team of R & D, when the customer can not solve the bubble problem, we will carry out a free sample delivery service, the engineer will adapt the foam defoamer for you. If you want to know more about defoamer products, please call us at +86 13929201380.

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