• Oil Paint Defoamer Solution And Dosage

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    Oil paint defoamers are used in both the construction and decoration industries. What are the benefits and effects of oily paint defoamers? What is the amount of it used? With these problems, Zilibon’s engineers You answer these questions.

    Oily paint defoamer for construction industry

    Oily paint defoamer for construction industry

    First of all, we need to understand oily paint. It is a kind of paint. So the principle of foaming is similar, but the degree of foaming of oily paint is somewhat different. The oily paint will be more stable after stirring and shaking before use. The foam, and then the foam attached to the surface after encountering the air is hard to burst. Therefore, this protagonist oily paint defoamer is needed to solve the problem of oily paint blistering.

    Regarding the foam threat of oily paints, the oily paint defoamer is not inferior to such a foam. After adding the defoaming agent to the oily paint, the foam is completely destroyed, leaving no traces, and the paint liquid Defoamers have a better defoaming effect especially on fine foams. The defoaming agent of the paint liquid is characterized by low dosage, excellent defoaming and antifoaming properties, good water solubility, no oil spots, etc.; it does not affect film formation and does not cause problems such as shrinkage cavities and fish eyes.

    Regarding the amount of Zilibon oily paint defoamer, the official website has a detailed description of the manual, generally between 0.05% and 0.3%. After understanding the goodness of Zilibon in addition to the oily paint defoamer, it is also done on the dosage. Good handling, so that the amount of addition is reduced, so that the customer's funding problems are taken into consideration, and the level of strength of Zilibon as a defoamer is also confirmed.

    Zilibon introduces oily paint defoamer to let everyone know more about how to deal with foam. Zilibon defoamer has 16 years of application experience. In many industries, as long as there is a bubble, we will solve it. For some stubbornly insolvable foams, as long as the samples you are trying to solve are sent, Zilibon engineers will be able to formulate products that can solve stubborn foam defoamers. If you want to know more about defoamers, you can call us. Hotline: +86 13929201380, contact us.

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