• Application Method And Solution Of Topcoat Defoamer

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    The topcoat defoamer is applied in the decoration industry. It will cause foaming problems when producing the topcoat. It is well known that the topcoat is difficult to avoid foaming during the process of mixing and blending. Therefore, the topcoat should be used when producing the topcoat. Defoamer to solve the foam.

    Topcoat defoamer applied in primer

    Topcoat defoamer applied in primer

    The topcoat defoamer can eliminate the foam on the surface very little. After adding the antifoaming agent and stirring and blending again, there will be no foam. For this reason, Zilibon introduces a more powerful topcoat defoamer. That is Zilibon's E-0730 topcoat defoamer, which has excellent defoaming effect, and is also very strong in foam suppression and defoaming. It can not foam again for a long time, and has good water solubility and no oil spots. It does not affect film formation and does not cause problems such as shrinkage holes and fish eyes.

    The use of topcoat defoamer is also very simple, Zilibon tells you! Topcoat defoamer is added during the paint adjustment stage to eliminate foam. Also subject to availability. The recommended dosage is 0.05%~0.3%. You can also log in to the Zilibon official website for instructions on various antifoam products.

    Zilibon defoamer is a 16-year application company. Our defoaming technology is very mature, not only can clear the ordinary foam on the surface, but also can easily solve the oily stubborn foam. Zilibon has a group of excellent engineers and one An independent laboratory facilitates the development of foam problems that are difficult for customers to solve. If you have a defoamer product you would like to know, you can call us directly at +86 13929201380.

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