• Insecticide Foaming Requires The Intervention Of Insecticide Defoamer

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    Some people will ask how to solve the problem of blistering of insecticides. Then two people will be raised when they raise this issue. The crowd is a pesticide manufacturer, and the second group is migrant workers who use insecticides. Understand the production process of insecticides, but because the insecticide itself does not have the effect of eliminating foam, it is necessary to add a deodorant defoamer when the population is produced.

    Application of insecticide defoamer in agriculture

    Application of insecticide defoamer in agriculture

    The presence of the active agent on the surface of the insecticide will cause a thick foam after shaking and stirring when adding the insect props. The more the foam is very unfavorable to the insect props, the easy to wear the life of the props, and it will also affect the removal. The effect of the insecticide itself. What effect does the addition of defoamer have?

    After the insecticide is added to the defoaming agent, the foam on the surface can be effectively removed. If you shake or stir again, there will be no foam. The insect defoamer is a silicone polyether with multiple activities. The additives are refined by special techniques. It is highly dispersible in aqueous system, has excellent defoaming and antifoaming properties, and has strong self-emulsification. At this time, a good product, the manufacturer is not worried about receiving many complaints about the foaming of the insecticide, and the migrant workers are not afraid of affecting the growth of the crop for the cause of foaming.

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