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    The problem of foam encountered in metal cleaning is a problem for both producers and manufacturers of metal cleaners. Metal cleaning requires the addition of some auxiliaries or cleaning agents for cleaning. If the amount is too large, it will cause a lot of foam. These foams cause a lot of inconvenient factors: lightly affects the progress of the process in the future, but the direct Affect the quality of the metal itself. All of this requires the intervention of a metal cleaner defoamer to solve the problem of this foam.

    Metal cleaning defoamer for cleaning metal

    Metal cleaning defoamer for cleaning metal

    The metal cleaning defoamer can defoam the foam of the product during cleaning, and the biggest effect is that it has a long antifoaming function and does not cause foaming for a long time. The metal cleaning defoamer is made of a variety of special polyethers through a composite process. The addition of a transparent cleaning agent does not affect the appearance of the cleaning agent, does not float oil, does not break the emulsion, does not float, and can effectively remove the problem of foam removal by metal.

    The cleaning method of metal cleaning is very simple. The metal cleaning defoaming agent can be added into the metal cleaning agent according to the amount. The addition amount of the defoaming agent for the general metal spray cleaning agent is 0.05%~0.3% of the cleaning dosage, and the actual dosage should be Determined by process testing.

    Zilibon metal cleaning agent is a product worthy of your purchase. It not only has the above characteristics, but also has 16 years of application experience. We have a group of the best engineers to debug your foam. The problem of defoamers. So please feel free to purchase our antibacterial products from Zilibon. If you want to know more defoamers, please call our hotline directly at +86 13929201380.

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