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    Paint liquid is the most important part of construction engineering. Many inner and outer walls need to be painted with paint liquid. After all, the paint liquid is liquid. When it meets the air, it will form stubborn foam, and if this foam does not Eliminate, directly on the wall, will produce fish eyes and pinholes in the later stage, so when the paint has not been painted on the wall, it is necessary to eliminate the foam, the paint defoamer is the best solution to the foaming of the paint partner.

    Paint liquid defoamer applied in paint

    Paint liquid defoamer applied in paint

    The paint defoamer is specifically designed to solve these foam problems. After adding the paint defoamer, the surface foam is quickly removed, and no longer foaming for a long time. The reason why the defoamer has this effect is because it has excellent effects on fine foam, low dosage, excellent defoaming and antifoaming properties, good water solubility, no oil spots, etc.; it does not affect film formation. And will not cause shrinkage holes, fish eyes and other issues.

    The use of the paint liquid defoamer is actually very simple, as long as the paint liquid defoamer is added to the paint liquid and stirred, it is generally used in the paint adjustment stage to eliminate the foam. Also subject to availability. The recommended dosage is about 0.05%~0.3%. If you still don't know enough, you can visit our official brochure.

    Zilibon paint liquid defoamer can solve foam problems very effectively, and Zilibon Defoamer is a company with 16 years of application experience, and has won the trust and recognition of domestic customers. There are a batch of Zilibon defoamer. A good engineer and an independent laboratory dedicated to the development of defoamers for stubborn foam problems. If you want to know more about defoamer products, you can call our hotline directly at +86 13929201380.

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