• Mineral Processing Defoamer To Solve The Foam Problem

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    There are many beneficiation industries that encounter problems such as foam and the separation of useful minerals from ore depending on the chemical nature of the logistics. At this time, the mineralizer will be used because the control of the pulp foam has a very large influence on the beneficiation. Excessive foam and too small foam will seriously affect the beneficiation efficiency. Therefore, the requirements for beneficiation defoamers are very high.

    Mineral processing defoamer applied in mining

    Mineral processing defoamer applied in mining

    There are many foaming substances in ore dressing. In the beneficiation, the foaming ability of the foam is enhanced. The defoaming agent is a special defoaming agent specially designed for mining ore dressing. It is suitable for defoaming and defoaming of different systems. It has strong alkali resistance, pressure resistance and temperature resistance. This product is water-soluble emulsified. Type products, low dosage, safe and non-toxic, stable performance and so on.

    Zilibon beneficiation defoamer can effectively solve the problem of foam. Zilibon has 16 years of application experience and a group of excellent engineers. If you have problems with foam, you can give it to our engineers to solve the problem. For more information on defoamer products, please call our hotline: +86 13929201380.

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