• How To Solve The Foam Problem Of Papermaking?

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    Everyone still remembers China's four inventions! One of them is papermaking, which is of great help to our human life. However, neither the previous papermaking technology nor the modern papermaking can avoid the problem that foaming occurs during the papermaking process. The following is a small series about why foam is formed during papermaking. What effect does the special defoamer for papermaking have on foam defoaming?

    Papermaking defoamer in the paper industry

    Papermaking defoamer in the paper industry

    The surface tension of the saponification produced during the pulping process is smaller than the surface tension of the black liquor produced by the cooking material, so that it exists in the surface layer of the black liquor and forms a film, which forms a foam under the action of air mixing, especially when The lower the concentration of black liquor, the more foam there is, which is the problem of foaming during papermaking.

    At this time, the intervention of papermaking defoamer is needed to effectively solve the foam problem. The papermaking defoaming agent is composed of various organic hydroxy compounds, synergists and fatty acid ether lipids, and has a strong defoaming effect and foam suppression time. Very long, mineral-free hydrocarbons, environmentally friendly, and compatible with foaming media.

    Zilibon defoamer is a defoaming experienced manufacturer with 16 years of application experience, and Zilibon has a group of excellent engineers who have solved many customers' bubble problems, especially the bubble that is difficult to break. Our defoaming technology is very mature in China and has won the support and recognition of many customers. If you want to know more about defoamer products, you can call our hotline directly at  +86 13929201380..

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