• Degreaser Defoamer For Metal Degreasing

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    The degreaser is made up of a variety of surfactants, detergents, penetrants, auxiliaries, etc., and has good degreasing ability. It has a great effect on the degreasing and cleaning of various hardware surfaces. Because there are various surfactants inside, it is particularly prone to foaming problems, which causes great trouble and trouble for users. At this time, adding a defoaming agent is Very necessary.

    Degreaser defoamer for metal degreasing

    Degreaser defoamer for metal degreasing

    Zilibon's degreaser defoamer solves the foam problem caused by various active surfaces and is very easy to solve for foams that are more difficult to break. Zilibon degreaser defoamer is a special modified polyether and fluorine-containing raw material which is compounded by a special process. It is very soluble in water and has a fast defoaming speed. It will not blister for a long time after being added. To achieve strong defoaming and strong foam suppression characteristics.

    Zilibon defoamer has a variety of defoamer products for defoaming foaming. We can customize a defoamer to solve the foaming problem according to customers' needs. Zilibon defoamer has 16 years of application experience. In the various defoaming areas, we can easily solve the problem of foam for our customers. If you are interested in our defoamer or would like to know about defoamer products, please call our hotline: +86 13929201380.

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