• What Are The Characteristics Of Pulp Defoamer?

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    Pulp defoamer is very necessary in papermaking because a lot of foam is produced during the pulping process, and the surface tension of the resulting saponified product is less than the surface tension of the black liquor produced by the cooking material, so that it exists in the paper. A film is formed in the surface layer of the black liquor, and a foam is formed by the mixing of air.

    Pulp defoamer applied in papermaking

    Pulp defoamer applied in papermaking

    Excessive foaming can result in loss of fibers and raw materials. Further, since the presence of residual air in the wet paper web can affect the filtration rate of the papermaking paper pulp, the pulp defoaming agent is the best solution for the foam.

    The pulp defoamer developed by Zilibon uses a special silicone polyether as the main material, and is equipped with a new type of defoamer for pulp which is compounded with high-efficiency and good dispersibility. The remarkable feature is high temperature resistance and strong alkali resistance, and rapid defoaming under high temperature and strong alkali conditions, and lasting inhibition of foaming and defoaming.

    The above is about how the pulp defoamer eliminates the foaming problem caused by papermaking. From the above solution, it is seen that the Zilibon pulp defoamer successfully removes the foam. Zilibon defoamer is a manufacturer with 16 years of application experience and a group of outstanding engineers. If you have a bubble problem that is difficult to solve, you can call our hotline: +86 13929201380.

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