• Hazard And Solutions Of Waterborne Adhesive Foaming

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    Aqueous adhesivess are in high demand in the printing and packaging industry. Because adhesives are prone to foam problems that are difficult to solve, in order to reduce the interfacial tension between the painted surface and water, a certain proportion of surface-active additives, such as dispersion, are usually added. Agents, leveling agents, wetting agents and other additives, the presence of surface activity can promote the role of the binder more stable. So aqueous adhesivess are a vital product.

    Aqueous adhesives defoamer for printing on printed packaging

    Aqueous adhesives defoamer for printing on printed packaging

    The aqueous adhesives causes difficulty in the production operation due to the foaming problem of the latex liquid, and the air of the foam hinders the dispersion of the pigment or the filler, and the equipment utilization rate is insufficient to affect the quality. When the finished product is filled, more foam is required for the foam. The paint film used in the construction leaves foaming to cause the surface to be uneven, which affects the appearance and the service life of the paint film.

    Zilibon aqueous adhesives defoamer can effectively solve the foam problem. It is a high-efficiency defoamer compounded by special process. It is widely used in the manufacturing process of various adhesives for adhesive systems. Efficient defoamer, which is easy to disperse and easy to use. It has fast defoaming and antifoaming properties over a wide pH and temperature range, quickly eliminates foam and has the effect of preventing foam regeneration.

    Zilibon is a manufacturer with 16 years of application experience. Many customers have used our defoamer products to solve the foam problem quickly, and the effect is very good. If you want to know more defoamer products, you can call Our hotline: +86 13929201380.

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