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    The use of defoamers in the mining industry is one of the products that are often used in the mining industry. Because mining has many problems, in addition to the surface water drop and stratum displacement and surface subsidence problems, there is still a problem that the mining process will The problem of foaming occurs, and the mining industry needs to use the defoamer to solve the foam.

    Mining uses defoamers in the mining industry

    Mining uses defoamers in the mining industry

    The control of slurry foam in mining is closely related to the efficiency of flotation. Excessive foam and too small foam will seriously affect the beneficiation efficiency and reduce the extraction rate. Therefore, there is a very high demand for the selection and addition of defoamers.

    The use of defoamers in the mining industry can effectively solve the foam problem. Now there is a special defoamer designed for mining beneficiation on the market. It is suitable for beneficiation and defoaming of different systems. It has strong alkali resistance and pressure resistance. Temperature resistance, this product is a water-soluble emulsified product, with low dosage, safe and non-toxic, stable performance and so on.

    Zilibon defoamer manufacturer is a manufacturer with 16 years of application experience, one of the famous brands of domestic defoamers, and many of our customers have used our defoamers for our reputation. Zilibon has a team of excellent engineers. If you have any problem with defoaming, you can ask our engineers to solve it for you. For more information, please call our hotline: +86 13929201380.

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