• China Factory Provide Defoamer for Liquid Fertilizers

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    These fertilizers boost root production, leaf and stem growth and flowering and fruiting and increase resistance to pests and disease. This means that farmers can grow more food on the land they already use, reducing the need to farm new areas. Most fertilizer formulas are stated on the package in the form of the percentages of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), in that order. A 12-8-4 fertilizer formula contains 12 percent nitrogen, 8 percent phosphorus and 4 percent potassium by weight. It may also contain other secondary and micronutrients.


    fertilizer defoamer

    The quick, effective way to nourish established plants in pots or in your garden! Liquid fertilizers go to work almost immediately, assuring continued, superlative growth and quick recovery for those that are tired and under-nourished. But foam will appear during the production of liquid fertilizers, foam reduces the uniformity of the aqueous dispersion of liquid fertilizer.

    Anti-foaming agent for chemical liquid fertilizers is used in defoaming of chemical fertilizer production, defoaming in pesticide production, seed leaven, etc.

    China Factory Provide Defoamer for Liquid Fertilizers

    defoamer for agriculture fertilizers

    The special antifoaming agent for chemical fertilizer is made of silicon polyether with a variety of active auxiliaries through special techniques. It is highly dispersible, self-emulsifiable, defoaming and anti-foaming in aqueous systems.

    Zilibon is a manufacturer with 16 years of application experience. It has far more defoaming technology than other antifoaming agents in the market. From the above cases, we prove the strength of our Zilibon defoamer. We have a group of excellent defoaming engineers, and An independent laboratory that facilitates defoaming experiments with foams that are difficult for customers to solve. If you want to know more about defoaming agent products, you can call our hotline: +86 13929201380.

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