• The Problem that Should be Paid Attention When Using Defoamer for Coatings

    By : Zilibon
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    In order to achieve good defoaming effect, you should pay attention to the following problems:

    1 The defoaming agent used for different emulsions or aqueous dispersions is not the same, and it cannot be expected that an antifoaming effect can be obtained in each coating with an antifoaming agent;

    2 A good defoamer should not only have a good defoaming effect in the newly formed coating, but also should have a good long-lasting defoaming effect. After the storage of the coating for half a year, the defoaming ability is not significantly reduced;

    The problem that should be paid attention to when using defoamer for coatings

    defoamer for coating

    3 Almost all antifoam agent will gradually fail in the storage process of water-based paints, and should choose a defoamer with stable storage and slow failure;

    4 Good defoamer should be based on maintaining good defoaming properties, when the amount is slightly larger, it will not cause shrinkage. Only in this way can the negative effect of the aging failure of the defoaming agent with time be eliminated after slightly increasing the amount of the defoaming agent;

    5 Antifoaming agent should be selected according to the type of paint. That is, for general coatings, a lower cost mineral oil defoamers can be selected, which can reduce the cost of the defoaming agent; and for high performance coatings, the defoaming agent is considered to have an adverse effect on the performance of the coating, and Such coating emulsions are used in large amounts and are prone to foam (for example, high-gloss, high-elasticity exterior wall elastic emulsion paints), so high-performance defoamer agent should be selected..

    Zilibon is a manufacturer with 16 years of application experience. It has far more defoaming technology than other antifoaming agents in the market. From the above cases, we prove the strength of our Zilibon defoamer. We have a group of excellent defoaming engineers, and An independent laboratory that facilitates defoaming experiments with foams that are difficult for customers to solve. If you want to know more about defoaming agent products, you can call our hotline: +86 13929201380.

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