• Why is the Emulsion Defoamer Layered?

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    If the emulsion type antifoaming agent is not used for a long time, delamination will occur. The defoaming agent after delamination will affect the use. Why is it stratified, and what causes it?

    Why is the Emulsion Defoamer Layered? 

    Defoamer for Emulsion

    The emulsion type defoamer is physically an emulsion and is a thermodynamically unstable system. There may be delamination during long-term storage, but the use after stirring does not affect the product effect. Another stratification phenomenon may be metamorphic stratification. This is the action of the strain on the emulsion. If it is not very serious, this product can be used as long as it adds a strong bactericide, kills the internal bacteria and returns to normal. Run out as soon as possible. There is also stratification because the defoaming agent is diluted with water, destroying the original structure of the defoaming agent, resulting in poor stability of the defoaming agent, breaking the viscosity system of the defoaming agent itself, resulting in delamination of the defoaming agent. Whether the antifoam agent is easy to stratify is also an important indicator to measure the quality of the antifoams.

    Zilibon is a manufacturer with 16 years of application experience. It has far more defoaming technology than other antifoaming agents in the market. From the above cases, we prove the strength of our Zilibon defoamer. We have a group of excellent defoaming engineers, and An independent laboratory that facilitates defoaming experiments with foams that are difficult for customers to solve. If you want to know more about defoaming agent products, you can call our hotline: +86 13929201380.

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