• How to Judge the Pros and Cons of Defoamer from the Appearance?

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    The appearance information of the defoaming agent does not specifically determine the quality of the defoaming agent, but it still has a certain influence on the defoaming agent. The color, viscosity and odor of the defoaming agent are complementary to the performance of the defoaming agent.

    How to Judge the Pros and Cons of Defoamer from the Appearance? 

    Textile&dyeing Defoaming Agent

    1, color

    Color refers to the color and luster of the product. In the defoaming industry, color refers only to the color appearance of the product. Color is the perception of light. Different people feel different colors, and different environments will also treat us. The observed color has an effect. According to the analysis of the skilled person, the performance of the antifoaming agent is independent of the color of the defoaming agent itself. The color of the antifoaming agent is related to the type of defoaming agent, the preparation raw material of the antifoaming agent, the preparation process of the defoaming agent, and the storage time of the defoaming agent. Emulsion type defoamers generally exhibit milky white color and light yellow color. Mineral oils generally exhibit light yellow color. Polyethers generally exhibit colorlessness, but also pale yellow, gray, and brownish red.

    2, viscosity

    Many people believe that the greater the viscosity of the antifoam, the greater the concentration of the antifoaming, the better the effect, in fact, the viscosity of the defoaming and the viscosity of the active itself, the type of thickener and the content of defoamer and The production process is related, the high viscosity antifoam may have a low concentration of antifoaming agent, and the concentration of the low viscosity antifoams may also be high. However, it is precisely the low viscosity and high concentration defoaming agent which is a high level in the manufacturing process. Therefore, the user should not judge the quality of the silicone defoamer simply from the appearance viscosity, otherwise it is easy to draw a wrong conclusion, which will affect your production.

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