• Two Conventional Addition Methods for Silicone Defoamers

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    1. Add before foaming

    This method can suppress the production of foam by previously adding an antifoaming agent to a system which may generate foam. For closed containers and devices, defoamers are effective in eliminating foam.

    2. Continuous drop in addition

    When the foaming liquid is either circulated or flowing, the defoaming agent will be consumed by the circulating flow of the foaming liquid. In this case, the defoaming agent can be continuously dripped with the defoaming agent. Effectively play the role of eliminating the foam, if combined with the metering pump can also effectively control the amount of addition, to achieve the most economical use of defoamers.

    Two Conventional Addition Methods for Silicone Defoamers

    Textile silicon oil defoamer

    Know when to add, what should you pay attention to before adding?

    Things to note before adding

    First, it is necessary to thoroughly stir the emulsion before use. Because the uneven emulsion will easily lead to delamination, affecting the use of antifoams.

    Second, try to use a thickener to carry out the thinning. Silicone defoamer can be diluted when used, but the stability of antifoam will decrease sharply when diluted, such as delamination, so it is recommended to use thickener to dilute as much as possible during dilution. If it is rare, add water to the defoamers and stir slowly.

    Third, prevent frost. Silicone defoaming agent are sensitive to frost and high temperatures and are easily damaged. If the antifoaming agent that has been frozen must be carefully frosted and tested before use.

    Fourth, pay attention to the storage of silicone antifoams. Strong oscillation or strong shearing for a long time (such as using a mechanical pump, homogenizer, etc.) or agitation will destroy the stability of the anti foam, so pay attention to the storage of the silicone antifoams.

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