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    The Alchemie Endeavour dry sensible coloring method

    Alchemie is happy to announce the launch of a breakthrough new technology in textile coloring — The Alchemie Endeavour dry sensible coloring method, at Interdye on Gregorian calendar month ten in Shanghai, delivering a step amendment in property at a radically lower value.

    The Alchemie Endeavour dry sensible coloring method is capable of throughputs of over 2000 sqm per hour and can scale back waste water and energy by quite eighty %. This delivers a > fifty % reduction in value.

    The dry method will deliver coloured material that doesn't need post coloring laundry steps to deliver finished product; a noteworthy property advantage.

    The exceptional results 

    The technology delivers exceptional results with high color consistency and color fastness.

    Based on Alchemie’s proprietary digital producing technology, the system will deliver any color shade needed and permits on-demand digital color changeovers in any run length from many meters to many kilometers.

    At the guts of the system may be a distinctive new coloring method that distributes dye molecules deep into the material enabling  terribly high absorption, same distribution and wonderful fixing efficiencies. This leads to tokenish wash out, even at terribly high saturation levels of dye: this is often AN trade 1st.

    The Endeavour technology

    The Endeavour technology includes a totally machine-driven color laboratory sampling system to absolutely match a custom-made  colorize a awfully short time creating the system a really “end to end” high performance property coloring answer with final performance.

    Alchemie Ruby liquid dyes are optimized for top quality performance and area unit offered to be used in Endeavour. alternative dye providers area unit welcome to contact Alchemie to become AN approved liquid dye supplier to the Endeavour system.  Alchemie can gift the Endeavour technology on its stand (D168) at China Interdye 2019, Gregorian calendar month 10-12.

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