• How to Get Rid of Foam?

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    In many industrial production processes, a large amount of foam is often generated due to agitation, vibration, boiling, etc., if not properly suppressed, it will bring a lot of trouble to the production, such as affecting the normal production, reducing the effective load of the equipment, resulting in The most effective and economical way to eliminate and suppress foam is to add defoamers.

     How to Get Rid of Foam?

    Antifoam is mainly suitable for circuit board (PCB) process; chemical; electroplating; printing and dyeing; papermaking; medicine; water-based ink; ceramic slitting; steel plate cleaning; aluminum processing; various sewage treatment and various industrial water systems Defoaming and antifoaming aspects.

    Antifoams are mostly liquid compound products, which are mainly divided into three categories: mineral oils, silicones, and polyethers. Mineral oil defoamers usually consist of a carrier, an active agent and the like. The carrier is a low surface tension substance, and its role is to carry and dilute. The commonly used carrier is water, fatty alcohol, etc.; the active agent acts to inhibit and eliminate foam, and commonly used wax, aliphatic amide, fat and the like.

    Silicone-based defoamer

    The silicone-based antifoaming agent generally includes polydimethylsiloxane or the like. Silicone defoamers have poor solubility, and have good defoaming speed and good antifoaming at normal temperature, but they are characterized by delamination at high temperature, slow defoaming speed, and poor foam suppression. The polyether antifoaming agent includes polyoxypropylene oxyethylene glyceryl ether and the like. The polyether antifoaming agent has the characteristics of long antifoaming time, good effect, fast defoaming speed and good thermal stability. For example, in the production process of fruit and vegetable beverages, soy products, sucrose, etc., defoamers are used.

    Mechanism of action of defoamer

    • Insoluble or poorly soluble in the foaming liquid
    • The surface tension is lower than the foaming liquid
    • A certain degree of affinity with the foaming liquid
    • No chemical reaction with the foaming liquid
    • Low volatility, long duration of action

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