• Southeast Asia Is Looking Forward To The US-China Trade War

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    At the G20 summit in Osaka, the United States announced that it would suspend new tariffs on China and the two sides returned to the negotiating table. At the Summer Davos Forum in Dalian, China, trade wars and the global economic outlook have naturally become the focus of discussion.

    Southeast Asia Is Looking Forward To The US-China Trade War "blackout"

    According to a report on the BBC website on July 6, Feng Huilan, a professor at the University of Indonesia and former Indonesian Minister of Commerce, said: "Two elephants fight, we don't want to be trampled."

    The report pointed out that her views represent many Southeast Asian countries.

    She also believes that the trade war is a double-edged sword for Southeast Asian countries. She said that in the face of the United States, Southeast Asian countries are facing the threat of "the next is your turn", and in the face of the US unilateralist policy, small countries will not be in an equal position. The best case is to return to the trade framework based on rules and the multilateral system.

    In fact, the Sino-US trade war has not ended yet, and Vietnam has been namedby the United States. Before the G20 summit, Trump said: "Many companies are moving to Vietnam, but Vietnam is even worse for us than China. We are negotiating with Vietnam, Vietnam is much smaller than China, but it is almost the worst abuse. By."

    Since then, on July 2, the US Department of Commerce announced a punitive tariff of up to 456% on steel products from Vietnam, as some companies re-exported Vietnam through Vietnam to evade tariffs.

    The "two elephants" that are fighting are not only about trade, but also about technology and security.


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