• After Painting, The Surface Is Uneven And Flawed?Maybe The Bubble Is In The Quail

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    When many people have their house, they will decorate them. However, the most troublesome thing in the process of painting is the problem of foaming. The occurrence of foaming not only affects the aesthetics after painting, but also affects the effect.Moreover, the factors that cause the blistering are particularly high. It is difficult to find out if it is not an experienced decoration master.Therefore, many decorators choose the paint that has been added to the household paint defoamer when choosing the household paint or add the defoamer when blending the paint.

    After Painting, The Surface Is Uneven And Flawed?Maybe The Bubble Is In The Quail 

    Application of household paint defoamer in home decoration

    If you do not use household paint defoamer, you will have the following problems:

    •  It causes surface defects after painting, unevenness, and cracking during film formation.

    • In the production and packaging, the packaging barrel can not be filled, and the foam gradually disappears, resulting in uneven weight of the packaging barrel, which interferes with continuous packaging.

    •  The speed of stirring, limited production efficiency, prolonged blending time, and insufficient wetting of fillers and dyes.

    •  Some other surfactants in furniture lacquers are prone to foaming during agitation, causing volume expansion and reducing the utilization of blending equipment.


    An experienced decorator will definitely work hard on the choice of household paint defoamer. So what are the requirements for household paints for defoamers? For example: defoaming, anti-foaming ability, and not oil, not oily. In the aqueous system, the effect of automatic emulsification and dispersion is outstanding. Eliminate foam to prevent dents, stomata and other problems.


    Zilibon focuses on solving various foam problems in production and processing. Because of concentration, professional.

    Zilibon provides free samples, and the defoamer is manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards. Regarding the problem of seawater defoamer or related needs, you can call our national service hotline:0086 13929201380.

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