• Why Are There Still A Lot Of Bubbles When Using Defoamer?

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    Due to people's production and life needs, the use of defoamers is also becoming more widespread. Household cleaners, water treatment, power plant desulfurization, metal processing and cleaning, textile printing and dyeing, mining and mineral processing, etc., all involve the use of defoamers. However, during the use, some people will encounter a situation where the bubble is not reduced. Why is that? Let the Zilibon tell you.

    Why are there still a lot of bubbles when using defoamer?

    (Bubbles still exist after using defoamer)

    The defoamer is stored for too long. Generally, in the wet state, the defoamer can be stored for 9-12 months. If stored improperly, the defoamer will stratify, and even its efficacy will disappear.

    The antifoaming agent is compatibilized by a surfactant. For example, defoamer works better at the beginning, but after a period of time, the effect will be greatly reduced.

    The main agent of the antifoaming agent can be absorbed by the colloidal resin.

    Applicable PH range of defoamer: The antifoaming agent is used strictly in the environment of strong acid and alkali. In this case, the carrier environment needs to be explained to the defoaming agent manufacturer.

    The amount of defoamer added and the amount of the mixture during use. The amount of different foaming systems will be different, and it needs to be determined by trial use, generally in the ratio of 0.1% to 0.01%. When the defoamer is produced, it is necessary to carry out the internal test in the factory, but often the customer complains that the use effect is poor. It was not until we arrived at the customer's site for inspection that we came to a conclusion.Since the customer dilutes too much at the time of use, the decrease in the foam stability of the emulsifier and the wetting agent is inconsistent with the decrease in the defoaming ability of the defoaming agent at the same dilution level. The dilution is constant so that more bubbles are tending to be produced.

    In a word, it is important to choose the right defoamer, but how to make it work best can not be underestimated. For trouble with defoamers, please consult the Zilibon, your professional defoamer butler.

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